Electronics Practicum 1,2

The goal of the practicum is to get the basic skills in electronics and to learn to work independently on a given problem, to formulate the task and to present the results.

Instructions for the work on the tasks

  • The presence at the practicum is mandatory.
  • Every student must elaborate all the tasks.
  • The student comes to the practicum familiarized with the task, that means he or she knows the specification of the task, and he/she knows, what has to measure.
  • During the work, the student writes notices and results to his/her notebook. From the notebook it must be obvious, what and how it was measured (scheme, ...), the particular measured values and the date of the measurement. Every student has his/her own notebook, even if he/she works in a couple.
  • After finishing the task, every student elaborates independently the protocol and passes it electronically before the beginning of the next practicum.

Instructions for elaborating the protocol

  • The protocol must be prepared using a computer, including the schemes, and sent by e-mail to prochazk@troja.fjfi.cvut.cz before the beginning of the next practicum. The protocol from each task must be sent individually with the mail subject having the following form: EP task# family_name (for example EP 6 Novak) to prevent any confusion.
  • The heading of the protocol must contain the student's name, the task's number, date of the practicum and date of elaboration of the protocol. The acceptable formats of the files are MS Word (.doc, .rtf) or the Adobe's Portable Document Format (.pdf).
  • The protocol is divided independently to the particular sub-tasks.
  • For each sub-task, the protocol must include:
    • exact specification of the task
    • analysis of the solution of the task (schemes, computations, derivations, ...)
    • description of the measurement method, measured values, computations, results
    • graphs and tables of results, conclusion
  • The conclusion must be an explicit answer to the specification of the task (this is of course not valid for the tasks of the type "familiarize yourself with ...").
  • An example of the protocol

Classification of the practicum/protocol

  • You get points from each practicum/protocol.
  • From each task you can get 0-10 points: from part number one 0-1 points, from the rest of the parts 0-3 points.
  • The conditions for getting the credit:
    • the student must elaborate all the tasks
    • the task is considered elaborated, if it was classified by at least 5 points
    • it is possible to elaborate the tasks and to pass the protocols till the end of dedicated week of the semester (in study program called "řízené konzultace, exkurze")at the latest.



  • Capacitive coupling properties and signal superposition
  • Positive feedback (astable multivibrator)
  • Toggle
  • Decade counter
  • Adjustable counter

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