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EXTATIC Welcome Week
Katedra fyzikální elektroniky pořádala 22. - 24. září 2017 (pátek - neděle) v budově FJFI ČVUT, Praha 1, Břehová 7 každoroční setkání ``Welcome Week'' programu Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programme EXTATIC (EUV and X-Ray Training in Advanced Technologies for Interdisciplinary Cooperation - www.extatic.eu). Programu EXTATIC se účastní Dublin City University, Irsko, University College Dublin, Irsko, University of Southampton, Velká Británie, Military University of Technology, Varšava, Polsko, University of Padua, Itálie, RWTH Aachen, Německo a ČVUT v Praze (FJFI).
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Prezentace pro Týden vědy na FJFI dne 14.6.2015 Prezentace v pdf bez videí
Zazipovaná prezentace v pptx včetně videí

presentation "Generation and application of ultra-short high-intensity laser pulses"
(presented at Physics Colloquium, Department of Physics, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway on November 29, 2002)
presentation in Czech "Laserove plazma a jeho aplikace"
(presented at Department of Electronics and Vacuum Physics, School of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, on November 1, 2004)
presentation "PIC simulations of laser interactions with solid targets"
(presented at Workshop "Theory of Short Pulse Petawatt Laser Plasma Interaction", Darmstadt, Germany, October 16-18, 2005)
presentation "Laser Interactions with Foam Targets for Applications in ICF, EOS and X-ray Source Studies"
(presented at 29 European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter, Madrid, Spain, June 11-16, 2006)
presentation "Generation of energetic X-rays and accelerated particles in intense short-pulse laser target interactions"
(presented at 22nd Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology, Prague, Spain, June 26-29, 2006)
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